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True Secrets of Life
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Host, Ana Lennyr,
Family Relationships &
Anti-Depression Expert

Waukegan, Illinois

True Secrets Of Life
Ana Lennyr

About Ana...

Ana Lennyr is a premier life strategist who specializes in helping teenagers and adults to build strong and supportive family relationships.

By addressing the root cause which holds people back, Ana Lennyr removes any and all excuses and replaces them with reasons and opportunities.

Ana Lennyr is not only proving herself in the industry for a very long time but she is sought out by people from all over the country and the world as well.

Ana Lennyr went through a few hardships in life like abandonment by her father, an alcoholic mother, insomnia for 2 and half years, a suicide attempt at age 19, chronic back pain and migraines for 27 years of her life, obesity, non-alcoholic liver hepatitis, poverty, and a depressed child.

What makes Ana Lennyr unique is that she combines a teacher, psychologist, and parent experience with her anti-depression expertise. 

Ana Lennyr changes teens' and adults' lives in subtle ways without lecturing, confrontation or therapy.

Her philosophy is simple: MASTER THE GAME OF LIFE so you will never be trapped in pain and hurt again.


Forbes Riley , Motivational Speaker and Celebrity TV Host, describes Ana Lennyr’s work : “In these times when we are dealing with Covid, depression and suicides rates are an all-time high for teenagers and adults - Ana Lennyr inspires her community to get positive, happy, and healthy with the strategies she created.”


Master Sri Akarshana, #1 Authority in the Law of Attraction talk about:  “ Ana Lennyr guides people to empty their cup of pain and suffering, so they can fill it up with love and light."

‘True Secrets Of Life’ Mission

True Secrets of Life
See Shows Below

Heartbreak, anxiety and depression can be preventable will write strategies and skills no matter the age or status. In this show  Ana Lennyr, Family Relationships and Anti - Depression Expert, talks about the hard truths we need to acknowledge to understand not what we want but what we need to master the game of life and to end the game of suffering. 

Each TRUE Secret of Life Ana Lennyr discloses in each of her shows will bring light to one’s situation and will show how one can make their life better just by being honest with themselves and by taking shortcuts to never be hurt again. 

TRUE Secrets of Life are based on TRUE _ Trust, Respect, Understanding and Evolving as individuals as well as together to discover your one’s true potential and to live the life one desires and deserves. 

Host, Ana Lennyr,
Family Relationships,  Anti-Depression Expert & Radio/TV Host

Waukegan, Illinois




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True Secrets of Life

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