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Nishoni Harvey
Parenting Coach & Author

Columbia, Tennessee

Nishoni Harvey is the mother of four beautiful children, two of which are on the Autism Spectrum. Having traveled much of the parenting path for her first autistic child through trial and error, she sought all the help she could get for her second, including ABA, OT, and talk therapy, personal training for herself, and more.

Later, her and her husband began taking in medically fragile foster children as well, many of which had autism. It was during this time that Nishoni saw the need for Parenting Coaching that specializes in children on the spectrum.

Our children experience the world differently than the rest of us. As such, they need a different kind of parenting. Many parents of autistic children feel lost and alone in their parenting journey. They no longer need too.

Nishoni Harvey helps parents of autistic children to take their home from power struggles to peace and their parenting from turmoil to tender through positive parenting strategies, ABA and TBRI techniques, and a thorough dive into the home, the parent, and the WHOLE child.


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