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Peaceful Empowerment Works
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Peaceful Empowerment Works Show


Co Hosts, Kristine Burke & Judy Forder are so excited to be bringing you the Peaceful Empowerment Works Show. Every week they'll be exploring ways to live with more intention, creating a space of inner peace, and using simple empowerment strategies to make positive changes in our lives.


Are you ready to experience the power of self-transformation?


Then let's get started!

Kris and Judy will answer your questions (email them!). 


Be sure to set your show watching alarm as you don't want to

miss the fun!

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ASK Kris & Judy ... Be sure to send an email to Kris & Judy with any questions and comments and Kris & Judy will confidentially answer on one of their great shows.  Just click the button....
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Kristine K. Burke, MBA

Founder and Guardian

New York Metropolitan Area

Mobile: (781) 738 - 3634

Office: (929) 290 - 0056



Judy Forder

Certified Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master, and Energy Practitioner

York, PA

Kris Burke is the creative force behind Masterful U, where people find peace in themselves, purpose in their lives, and prosperity in their communities.

Kris was a busy MBA-carrying independent business consultant and divorced single mother of two with a chronic bleeding ulcer and nearly daily anxiety attacks when she came to the startling realization that her ‘strive for’ approach to life wasn’t working for her. Not knowing how else to approach life and being unable to permanently vacation, she was stuck.

Knowing she needed a different approach to life, she set out to find what her options were — if they even existed. 

Masterful U is the living process and expression of her ongoing quest to make living peace, purpose, and prosperity as simple as nature seems to have intended.

Judy Forder is a full-time Certified Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master, and Energy Practitioner. Her passion and purpose is helping her clients and students live a life of peace guided by their Souls.


Her work finds her tapping into her intuition to connect with guides and Souls in order to bring essential clarity to her clients/students as they process through various experiences in their lives. Judy also loves to learn, grow and evolve, expanding her own Soul’s journey.

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