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Dr. Wendy Lyon
Psychologist and Master Certified Relationship Coach for
Singles & Couples

Novato, CA

Dr. Wendy Lyon guides individuals and couples to create lives they love, with the love of their lives!  She helps singles gain confidence, clarity and find love, and she helps couples connect, communicate, and rejuvenate relationships. 


Dr. Wendy is an international best-selling author, Master Certified Relationship Coach, Psychologist, and mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute and Love in 90 Days University.  Since 1999, she has helped thousands to transform their lives and find lasting love.


I invite you to download my Roadmap to Relationship Success from my best-selling book, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard for Free.

With your free roadmap you will:

  • Uncover harmful beliefs that sabotage your happiness and your relationships.

  • Discover how to change destructive patterns that stop you from love.

  • Get my 7 proven steps to transform limiting beliefs and create successful relationships.

Whether you’re single or coupled, don’t leave your love life to chance!

Download your free Roadmap to Relationship Success by clicking the button provided.


The Free Gift I am offering is my TRUE LOVE GUIDE FOR SINGLES

In this Free True Love Guide video training, you will:

  • Take the conscious dating quiz and identify what stops you from love.

  • Learn specific strategies to be your most lovable self and attract your ideal partner.

  • Discover the 3 steps you need to take to find your True Love. 

Link to Free gift:

Dr. Wendy Lyon

Psychologist and Master Certified Relationship

Coach for Singles & Couples

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Website -

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