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Share Your Love with The World This Valentine's Day

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Author: Ronnie Ann Ryan, Love and Magical Life Coach

Many singles absolutely dread Valentine’s Day. There is so much focus on romance and when you have no one special to celebrate with, that can feel pretty crummy.

But this year, you have a chance to look at this from a new perspective.

Everyone has love in their life. Maybe it’s your family, one particular sibling, or children, if you have them. You might have a couple of close friends who simply adore you.

Sometimes you have great rapport with your neighbors or colleagues. Of course, your pets offer unconditional love, not caring about your mood, a few extra pounds, or how much money you make. They just want your love and attention.

Now that you recognize that you do have love (even if it’s not the romantic kind), you also have people to share it with. When you share your love with the world, it multiplies!

Spreading love is fun, easy, and incredibly rewarding. Plus, you get so much in return when you make someone else’s day.

Is there any question in your mind right now, that what the world really needs is more love? Think about the power of spreading love and the impact that could make on just your circle of friends and family.

Consider how that love will ripple out like a pebble dropped in a pond, as you inspire others to share their love too.

To help you share love with the world and make a difference this year on Valentine’s Day, here are a number of suggestions:

· Send Valentines to your family, friends, and anyone who offers you support

· Send cards to your customers or clients which is fun and unexpected

· Handout chocolate hearts throughout your day at the office, or while doing errands

· Imagine sending love energetically to all the important people in your life

· Meditate and send love from your heart out to your entire city, your state, the US, or the world

· Help someone you know or just hold the door open for a stranger

· Smile at the salesclerk at the place you always stop on your way to or from work

· Try random acts of kindness, like paying for coffee for the person behind you in line

· Say Happy Valentine’s Day to people you haven’t spoken to in a while

· Write loving or appreciative messages on social media

· Donate food or money to a Food Shelter

· Give your pet a special treat

· Make heart-shaped cookies alone or with your kids and share them

· Send your plants love as you water them

· Bless people with love silently as you pass by on the street or while driving

That’s quite a list, right? Perhaps you’ll be inspired to come up with a couple of your own ideas too.

Even if you’re single on this romantic holiday, there’s another powerful aspect to think about here. This much attention on romance creates a large energy bubble of love. It’s time to take advantage of that expansive opportunity.

Here’s how. Picture yourself in the loving relationship you have dreamed of. Imagine being hugged lovingly by that person. Allow yourself to think of this as many times as possible during Valentine’s Day and you will expand your own loving energy. That automatically makes you more magnetic to more love!

When you get into the spirit and share your love with the world, you’ll feel uplifted, loving, and so much more optimistic. There is no downside to sharing your love with the world and a positive outlook attracts more opportunities.

When that happens, it’s that much easier to attract the loving partner you want. An open heart is amazingly attractive!

Find ways to be more loving on a regular basis and you will see the positive way your world responds. Love really does make the world go around, so jump in and take advantage of the loving energy this Valentine’s Day.

Ronnie Ann Ryan is a Love and Magical Life Coach who has helped 1000s of women find love with the right man or thrive living their best life. She’s the author of 6 books, the host of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, and also offers past life readings accessing the Akashic Records. Get her free book, 7 Ways Your Past Lives Affect your Love Life Now at

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