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Love & Pillow Talk with Cece Show
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Thursdays @ 8:00 pm CST/9:00 pm EST
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Cece Shatz, DJ & Host, Doyenne of Relationships, Divorce, Dating & Life Coach, Author, International TV & Radio Personality
Tampa Bay Area - Clearwater, Florida

Love & Pillow Talk with Cece 

Cece takes a unique spin on Radio & Talk while she embraces questions and emails she received.  She will read the questions and comments anonymously written on air and then chats about the subject giving her intuitive advice.  She will bring you educational, informative and fun discussions you need. Taking you through the devastation feelings of relationship loss/divorce, to FINDING yourself and much more.  We chat about all things Single!  Begin the transition into dating and relationship redefining and building to living your best life! 


Cece takes a lighthearted and candid approach to discussions on the journey of relationship loss, divorce, parenting, being single, relationships, dating and yes....connection!  Listen Thursdays @ 9 pm ET on &

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Cece Shatz 2018 Small Business Person
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Cece Shatz is the “Doyenne” of Relationship Loss, Divorce, Transition into Dating, Dating, Single Parent’s Support and Singles learning to live their BEST lives.


She is an inspirational Divorce and Life Transition Coach, Public Speaker with a unique style of healing from within.  Her intuitive skills reach beyond to those who are struggling in coping and redefining their lives.  Cece has relate-ability as she has the “been there done that” approach to life.  She has fondly been called the Life Changing Coach - Your Best Friend .... Your Mentor!


She knows what it is like to feel the pain of relationship loss, to separate, divorce and living without her children day to day.  Her life has been a rough road with many ups and downs.  The everyday pain this involves, the restructuring and redefining of life is something she has herself endured and continues to share this process with others in hope to help those struggling to living their Best Life!


She has helped hundreds...Cece can help you too.  Contact her today!

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Dare to be Authentic - Vol. 3

Learning to Trust Yourself


Hosts, Cece Shatz & Mari Mitchell


An inspirational book and a collaborative effort featuring both our Radio Hosts, Mari Mitchell, Cece Shatz and over twenty true stories written by those  who have travelled the journey to "learning to trust themselves."

ASK Cece- Be sure to send an email to Cece directly with any questions and comments and confidently she will answer on one of her great shows.  Just click the button....​

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